FAQ - Reward Points

FAQ - Reward Points


1. How does Reward Points work?
A. For every RP.1,000 you spend with us, you will earn 1 Reward Point.


2. Are there any limits or expiry to the points i have earned?
A. No, as long you spend, you earn simple as that. And there are no expiry date for the points earned.


3. Are there any minimum required points for redemption?
A. No, once you have collected the required points of a certain voucher you fancy and you can redeem it.


4. Are the points exchangeable for cash?
A. No, Rewards Points are for redemption of voucher only.


5. I want to redeem a voucher which the points needed are lower then what i have, will my point be all deducted?
A. No, the system will deduct the required points needed for that redeemed voucher and the balance will still remains.


6. Where can i know when and how much points available for me to redeem?
A.  Refer to the below for the Reward Points needed for redemption. You can also find out how much Reward Points you have here.


Voucher available for redemption Points needed
  Spa Package 5000
  Body Salt Scrub 3000
  Facial Power Boost 3500
  Facial Face Glow 4500
  Facial Blemish Rehydration 4500
  Facial Anti-Blemish HF 6000
  Facial Age Defence 6200
  Hair Spa 1800
  Creambath 1500
  Essential Mani/Pedi 4500
  Signature Spa Mani/Pedi 8000