FAQ - General

Frequently Asked Question

Q. Is it safe to shop in Le Bliss online? Will my info be compromise?
A. Rest assured that all your information is safe. Shopping with us is safe as no credit card information is use if via Bank Transfer to us. Credit card payment via paypal to us are also safe  as we don't keep your information as well except Paypal.

Q. What payment do you accept?
A. Currently we are accepting, Bank Transfer, Internet Bank Transfer, Paypal & Credit card.

Q. I have just bought a Spa Package Voucher, how and when can i use it?
A. As long you have a Voucher from us, you can decide on when to use it, please call to make an appointment for a slot as your Voucher is uniquely customized & hence booking in advanced is recommended. (2-3 days)

Q. I just checkout and made a Bank Transfer to you Bank Account Number, what should i do next?
A. Once you have make a Bank Transfer to our account, you can either sms (08971506040) with the details like the one below or Submit the Form Here.
    1. Your Account Name
    2. Your Bank Account No.
    3. Transaction Reference.
    4. The Type of Voucher you have bought
    5. The Amount you Transferred

Q. I have follow the above mentioned, but i have not received my Voucher yet.
A. The processing time is 24 hrs but normally it should be within 2 hours of your Payment Confirmation.

Q. In my account "Order History", it indicated Order Completed. But i still have not receive my Voucher.
A. We will update the Order Status to Order Completed and send your Voucher via the  email you provide to us during registration or checkout. Please do check your "Spam Box" if you can't locate the Voucher we sent you.

Q. Can i use the Spa Voucher i just bought for other treatment?
A. The Spa Voucher is solely for the Spa Treatment you have chosen with the Add-On. if you like other treatment of your choice, you can get one Here.

Q. Why is your price much cheaper then your Spa we visited? Is everything the same?
A. Yes, what you get from the counter and online is the same. The reason it is cheaper cause this is make for Online Purchases Only and you can't get this price over the counter.

Q. I want to get the Voucher from your Spa counter, is it possible?
A. No, its not available through our counter, its obtainable via Online only.

Q. Can i buy more then 1 Voucher?
A. Yes, you can get more for your friends if you like too. For Cash Vouchers, we have buy 4 or more and get cheaper deal. Check it out Here.

If you have any other General Enquiry, Feel free to contact us.