How Hot Deals works

Q. How does Hot Deals works?
 A. First you register with us and sign up the Hot Deals Newsletter, when you received an email from us, the deals are there. Choose what you like buy it and wait till the deals ends and the Deal will be emailed to you.
 Q. I want to buy now and use it now, why can't i?
 A. It works this way, we offer you cheap voucher and there are limited vouchers to it. You have to wait till the Deals end before it can be used. You can visit Here if you want to get a voucher for immediate usage.
 Q. Why are there validity on the voucher?
 A. Yes, most voucher have a validity of average 3 month and this is to make sure that our customer make good used of the deals instead of buying multiples deals and keep it for future which is not how the Hot Deals works.
 Q. I bought the Hot Deals voucher few months ago and i forgotten about it and now it expired, can i still use?
 A. No, you can't. Once the voucher of the Hot Deal expired you can't use. Please refer to the "Terms and Conditions". A Deal is a deal.
 Q. I have received the voucher through my email, can i use now?
 A. Yes you can, please follow the instruction given to you via the email and have the voucher printed for verification during your visit. Please make an appointment with us as walk-in is not recommended and to prevent any disappointment due to full slots.
 Q. I did not bring my voucher, can i still carry on with the treatment?
 A. Sadly No, we can only validate through the vouchers we have sent via email and we will not accept anyone without any voucher during their visit. Please kindly read the "Terms and Conditions" of the Hot Deals products you are interested in before any purchase with us to prevent any misunderstanding.
 Q. I buy your voucher but i did not received after the deal ends, what happen?
 A. 1. You may have confirm order with us but you chose "Bank Transfer" and you did not make any transfer to us. The order will automatically cancel after 3 days if no transfer is made.
 2. You have "add to cart" but during "Checkout" you did not hit the "Confirm" button to finalized the order hence no order is recorded in our system.
 3. You email registered with us might be wrong, please contact us @
 4. Check your "Spam" folder, the mail might be in that folder.